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Charlo Crossley Fortier will deliver the opening performance at “Supreme Partners” LIVE – Los Angeles. Charlo is a seasoned entertainer who began her career as an original cast member of the hit musical, Hair. Charlo has maintained ongoing success over the years in music, film, and onstage. She was recently featured in the Academy Award-winning film, Twenty Feet from Stardom; the Emmy Award-Winning HBO Behind the Candelabra; and is well-known for backing music icons: Barry Manilow, Chaka Khan, Bette Midler as a member of The Harlettes, and the late Luther Vandross.

Charlo talks about her careers and roles in the Academy Award-winning, “Twenty Feet From Stardom” and Emmy Award-winning, “HBO Behind the Candelabra” with Neil Haley of Total Education Celebrity Show.

Charlo on Stars on Tap with Steve Martin – June 24, 2014



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