What’s really exciting……


I should imagine if I had been born in another time, I might have been anything other than an entertainer. A doctor, doing some kind of research, an archaeologist, or perhaps an astronaut. I am sure of the things I would not have been: a man, a dentist, or a hockey player.

  • I have nothing against men. Lord knows I’ve loved a few; but I’ve always enjoyed being a girl so much. (The shoes alone, are worth the journey.) It all suits me to a “t”.
  • I’ve known some wonderful dentists, even some socially, but I could never be down in the mouth so often. I’m too much of an optimist.
  • Hockey, while a marvelous sport, is played in the cold, on skates, while chasing a puck made of vulcanized rubber. And though I am sure the folk who play, find this thrilling to the extreme, I would rather watch paint dry; literally. Warmer, stiller, and no puck.

Having been born in these extraordinary times, I truly feel like a woman of destiny. I’ve lived through some of the most exciting times of humankind’s existence and I’ve seen extraordinary things in my travels around the world. But what thrills me is the possibility of what’s to come. I can’t help but feel that the future of all of us is the most exciting part. So, I’ve decided to live to be a hundred years old. Because, if my instincts are correct, anything I’ve seen before, will pale in comparison to what’s to come. Who knows? I may wind up on Mars taking pictures of shooting stars. But in the meantime, I will sing and write, paint and photograph, make and create, observe, speak and learn and hopefully entertain you.

Love From Susaye


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