Some days you’re glad to be alive.


I’m starting at the point of my beginning. I’ve been taken by creativity all my life. Ever busy as a child, I was given colors and pencils and paper. Scissors came, and with no restrictions I skipped delightfully through glue. Cloth and clay; crochet. I flew though Sparkle and fringe, beads and oil paints gouache and papier mache. feathers and doillies, glass and canvas. wire gave form to birds and newsprint to wrapping paper. I’ve always loved paper.

I am filled with a light spirit. I laugh a lot. It raises the level of energy around me.I see love in people, I see joy in skies, I cherish friends, I see the world clearly; both what it is and what I wish it were. I believe in peace.

I know there is much wrong and sad and grave in the world, but I know hope. I’ve seen more than I should have, and I have survived to know happiness, which lies in the heart of all of us, If we can just face and meet it. If we can forgive others and not judge them. If we can face ourselves and become our best self, by owning who we are.

I love so many people. I’m blessed with that. That’s my gift.7 So much good stuff to come.

Love From Susaye


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